Global Initiative is a non-profit organization in Zurich that wants to reduce poverty. The geographical focus is currently in Nepal, Colombia, Mauritius and Switzerland.


When I first heard about this organization, I was thrilled by how much it can help people. They don’t do it just to express their wills to the people, but by respecting the local cultural conditions and leading them into helping themselves. In addition, they don’t stay in the countries for little time because their goal is based on a long-term aid.


In Nepal, Global Initiative started operations after the devastating earthquake in 2015. Local people can now produce innovative bricks that mesh with each other according to the "Lego principle” so they can make the building materials needed for the reconstruction on their own.


In Colombia, they began tutoring children in a crime-ridden suburb of Medellin. This work has had a noticeably and positive effect on the whole neighborhood - also in terms of safety. The project is now expanded to other places.


In Switzerland, Global Initiative helps to bring refugees into contact with Swiss people and thus support integration.


When I hear about all these projects, it fills me with a deep joy. As an example, in Mauritius many young and talented people are very enthusiastic about music. It gives them hope and joy. That touched my heart deeply. So much that I actively chose to support this organization financially. But not just financially I want to support them with my actions. So, the idea is to fly to Mauritius to visit the children and to support them with everything I have.


I look forward to continuing my support for Global Initiative and seeing how human lives are saved :-)