“Find Your Way Home”

About The Song 

If you write a song or you have an idea about it and hear it for the first time after it's produced, you can’t imagine how it can move and touches so many people.

Touching people’s hearts, giving them new hope and love, that has always been my dream. That's why I make music. I want to touch and heal hearts with my voice and my music. And thereby give people new hope and love. I didn’t think this dream would come true until a little while ago.

I know all dreams can come true. From the bottom of my heart I believe that in my heart dreams are created that aren’t actually mine. In my heart dwells the one who gives me strength for my life. If I don’t know how to continue or have no strength, then I get wisdom and the strength I need from the relationship with God who lives in my heart.

 The song "Find Your Way Home" is about finding your heart, the inner part of your heart. That's what I call home. Because I have found the center of my heart. I feel home no matter where in the world I am. I am at home, where I am. It gives me strength and hope. It is my lifeblood. The creator of my being and my creativity.


My debut single "Find Your Way Home" means everything to me as it reflects the life I live.

 Ten days after I produced and wrote this song with Geo, my grandfather died, who meant a lot to me. He has now arrived in his heavenly home.

 I want to dedicate this song to those people who have no hope, who do not know where their home is or just lost a precious person.

 I really hope that many people will find their home through the song.

Love, Jean